Crystal Math Labs offers an XP tracker for Jagex's 2007 old school RuneScape remake. This website is currently tracking 48,051 Old School RuneScape players with 2,494,879 datapoints since this site's launch on February 23, 2013. We also have data on 68,358 RuneScape 3 players.

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Name Changing Improvements

Want to improve the site by submitting name changes for other players? This new page makes it easy to find players that are no longer on the official hiscores. Many of these players on that page may be taken off the hiscores because of a ban or loss of membership, but many have simply changed their name. Type your RuneScape name into the “Credit” text box in order to receive credit for improving the site. Click here to view a list of the players whom have submitted the most name changes. Thanks to everyone who volunteers to make Crystal Math Labs a better place :)

Posted by  Foot on February 9, 2014, 11:59 PM View News Archive


Gold and silver crowns next to a player's name on this website does not indicate their moderator status in RuneScape. You can hover your mouse over any player's crown to find out why they have the crown. Here's a list of players with crowns:

Developers:  Foot, and  Dukky
Donators:  Sathon,  Elvis99,  Bury My Bone,  I Lift Nats,  Rylett,  Cait95,  Tomi M,  Den0va,  Jebrim,  Andrew34765,  Mr Dylan X,  zMarc,  Phyzist,  Kevinhood11,  kb sc,  Randalicious,  Jqmie,  Silly Apple,  Rens,  Zirov,  Leo Is A Fgt,  Kitehaimer,  Ponyyy,  XFR,  Razzeh,  Hitekaimer,  Mi Thrill,  Hexcrest,  Dreyri,  Mikethespud,  Killers455,  Daubz,  Jontzq,  Flame 29,  Notoafkpray,  Ghsle,  Tahx,  Yalps,  Lithe Leaf,  Cpe,  Yew Longs,  Fluq,  Fixed,  Flavor,  A Bear Irl,  Rwncraft,  Pkryte,  Magickenosrs,  Bradism,  Alt Craft,  Leyatis,  Mirror Lmage,  Newf,  Elven Fyre,  Earnsuccess,  Liqix,  K O W E,  Ljr523,  Drawkel,  Trashskills,  Saltie,  Half Main,  Hac,  Narrangba,  Samb O,  Melonsoppa,  Xdist,  Mines,  H Rdstyle,  Velociraptor,  Riggz,  Nuski 07,  Agile Raptor,  A Chippy,  Zeale,  Kyle Jones,  Roeeb,  Agile Orca,  Wakestock,  Iwnabeu,  Cha Rles,  John Xii,  Danny184,  Stud Moshie,  Left Side Up,  Oblv Gord,  Buzzy0016,  Thundercthor,  Rossboi,  Akshay,  Exospheres,  Tantor,  O7 Beast,  Prob,  3vison,  Byewhat,  Selfys,  Sliped,  Zebrim,  Alkan,  John Arroway,  Lego,  Gamma9,  Oblv Andy,  Zip X3,  Immeh,  Kezzy,  Jinxoz,  Downy Wizard,  Tribuo,  Milk Energy,  Susanoo,  Bodyguard 0,  Qant,  Phryge,  Majikfreak, and  Yosumin
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